Hearts of Men consisted of volunteers who served on the Board, gave support to the Head Office, and participated in programme co-ordination & delivery. We had a team of paid full time & part time leaders who oversaw financial management, administration and programme delivery.

Hearts of Men also made use of freelance personnel who from time to time provided us with specialist services.

Hearts of Men is no longer doing direct service delivery, i.e. running community programmes and training. Hearts of Men is now focused on giving support to those who are running programmes, through mentoring, consultancy, writing and distributing training and programme resources.

Hearts of Men wishes to thank all those great men and women who have contributed to its work in the past.


The Hearts of Men Board now consists of three members and one administrator to the board:

Fairoza Brey                        Chairperson

Hilaire Akollo                      Treasurer

Nic Fine                                Secretary

Richard Kloosman             Administrator to the Board