At Hearts of Men we have a fundraising strategy to which we refer to as "multi­basket approach". We set out to create a situation in which we do not have 'all our eggs in one basket'. We are well aware of the risk of losing one major funder and thus harming service delivery and team stability. So we do our best to have a healthy spread of funders across government and private sectors.

Currently all our funding is from South African sources. We have an equal 50/50 split between government & private sector funding.

We are a registered non profit organization (NPO 026-295) and report annually to the Departmentt of Social Development in Pretoria. We are also a registered PBO (930003769)

Our financial statements have been drawn up annually by Stonehage Financial Services and independently audited by Veritas. We have recently appointed our own internal Financial Manager, and our new auditor bassed in the Strand is Warren Schulz.

We encourage our funders to have a “longterm” funding relationship with us, for at least 3 years or longer.

We are registered with the Dept of Manpower and with Sars (for paye & UIF).