In Hearts Of Men we realized that if we are going to make difference in the communities we serve, we would need programmes that cater for specific needs. Therefore we kept our programme approach simple and we target the five main areas of community development. These are Fatherhood, Motherhood, Mentoring, Youth Leadership and Community Training.

Fatherhood Mentorship Programme

The Fatherhood programme started as a pilot project with the Provincial Department of Social Development. We were tasked to establish a sense of responsible fatherhood in the communities we targeted. We took older fathers and younger ones and these two groups embarked on a process of experiential learning (focusing on parenting and relationships) and mentoring together.

Manhood Mentorship Programme

This programme started first where older men are recruited and trained to provide guidance for young boys where both groups embark on a search for what it means to be a man. We also get involved with community guidance and mentorship during this process. We also develop strategies for specific neighborhoods where this is necessary.

Youth Leadership Programme

Hearts of Men builds partnerships and thus works regularly in schools coordinating with teachers on how we can best impact learners. We aim to develop strong  sense of  community, enhance the education of the learners, and also to improve the life skills of learners.

Womenhood &Motherhood Mentorship Programme

As with the men, we believe that women also benefit from a structured programme, where older women mentor the younger ones to be better equipped in handling the challenges women face in society today.

Training Programme

Hearts Of Men provides training for the staff of new and established NGO’s.