HEARTS OF MEN’s courses are designed to meet the different needs of participants. We have a range of courses on offer, from broad based, i.e. covering many aspects of our work, to highly specialized training, i.e. focusing in on specific techniques and methodologies. There are different options available, i.e. part-time courses stretching over several months, to shorter intensive courses.


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This foundation course (based on our book ‘In the Hearts of Men’ published in 2015) presents an overview of 14 years of programme delivery in a variety of community settings, both urban & rural, with diverse groups of men and young men. It covers all aspects of the work, from philosophy, course design, methodology, organizational structure, to practical implementation - entering a community, working with strategic partners, facilitating, working with funders, and more.

This course is aimed at social workers, community development practitioners, youth workers, counsellors, psychologists, educators or programme designers – anyone interested in establishing community-based interventions for men and young men, as well as family preservation, parenting support, or community health & safety support initiatives.

‘In the Hearts of Men’ consists of a minimum of 18 x 3 hour sessions. It can be presented over 4.5 months at 1 session per week, or in just over 2 months at 2 sessions per week. Alternatively it can be presented as an intensive course over 9 days at 2 x 3 hour sessions per day.

If presented as a course for university or college students, as part of our academic curriculum, it could be extended to approximately 34 sessions running over a period of 8 months, i.e. over 2 terms.


Introduction: WHAT TO EXPECT

This will be a single session introducing you to HEARTS OF MEN and their core training.

Part one:

THE HEART – focusing on men (minimum 4 sessions)
The Heartbeat – building blocks and focus of this work
Working with men – approach and core principles
Circles of men – creating ongoing support structures
Working with young men – tracing the journey from boyhood to manhood

Part two:

THE CONTENT – sharing what Hearts of Men does (minimum 4 sessions)   
Our men’s training – describing the full training experience
Men taking action – implementing personal, family & community projects
Mentoring at work – covering various aspects of the mentoring relationship
Designing programmes – describing important programme design criteria

Part three:

THE PARTNERSHIPS – working with others to strengthen this work  (minimum 4 sessions)

Working with women – describing the role of women/women’s programmes in our work
Working with families – strengthening families/including partners & children in our work
Working with communities – process of entering & working in a communities
Working with strategic partners – building capacity by working with other organizations and institutions
Part four:  

THE DEVELOPMENT – how to sustain this work   (minimum 4 sessions)

Facilitating this work – developing facilitators and meeting the challenges of this work
Working with leaders – seeing leadership as a critical component of this work
Evaluating the work – examining the importance and practice of evaluating the work
Working with funders – exploring the relationship between funder and recipient


THE WAY AHEAD (one session)

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We have been facilitating ‘The Manhood Experience’ in a wide variety of communities and with diverse groups of men & young men over the past 14 years. This experience provides an opportunity for men to explore manhood and masculinity, to let go of the past, to focus on the future, to create a vision and re-energise. The course takes place within a supportive and challenging group-work environment. The course content is exactly the same for older men as it is for younger men. ‘The Manhood Experience’ focuses on the actual core content of our work and is ideal for those who are looking to facilitate or design programmes working with men and young men.

This course is offered on a part-time basis spread over a few months, or as a short intensive process. It is more effective delivered over time, i.e. less intensively, as this gives an opportunity in between sessions for practical application of learning and for reflection. This is more desirable with regards to personal development. The more intensive delivery style might be more appropriate for professional staff training, for those interested in facilitating group-work with men & young men.

Part-time delivery of this training:  6 courses = minimum of 28 three hour sessions plus a 3 to 5 day residential camp; at 1 session per week = 7 moths duration, or at 2 sessions per week = 3.5 moths.

Intensive delivery of this training: Facilitated over one month/up to 4 weeks = max of 20 days, with 3 weekend breaks in between.


Course 1: In the heart of a man (up to 4 sessions)

An introductory course during the recruitment and engagement phases, which aims to establish the group, build participants trust and confidence in communicating with each other in a group setting.  General themes covered are: How we see and relate to the world around us, to our relationships, family life, parenting, and so forth. Reflecting on the image, expectations, behaviour, reputation, pressures and responsibilities of men in the world.

Course 2: Reclaiming manhood (minimum of 10 sessions)

This course explores what it is to be a man, and rebuilding a positive image of manhood. We cover many aspects of men’s experiences. Some examples of session focus: Making peace with your father; Establishing good male friends; Treating women as equal partners; Keeping fit and healthy; Exploring sex and sexuality; Sustaining a marriage/partnership; Facing up to addiction; Becoming a parent; Finding a job that you love; Managing your finances; Developing your talents; Growing your spiritual life; Finding your place as a man; Contributing to a better world.

Course 3: Wild at Heart (2 sessions, plus 3 to 5 days residential)

‘Wild at Heart’ is an intensive residential course that takes place in an outdoor rural/wilderness setting. This includes one preparatory session before departure, as well a debrief session on return. During the course the participants each have an opportunity to tell their life story, to identify what is holding them back, to let go of past hurts, to be able to move forward with an increased sense of hope and confidence. We use the natural surroundings as a place of challenge, meditation and personal reflection. We use nature, the seasons and elements, as a metaphor for the cycle of life, for transformation, healing, growth and development.

Course 4: Taking a lead in life (minimum of 4 sessions)

This course focuses on building successful and mutually beneficial relationships. The starting point is that to become a leader in life, the first person you have to lead is yourself. Each session focuses on a different aspect of personal leadership. We explore the relationship you have with yourself and with other important people in your life:
Communication : exploring what is possible in speaking and listening;
Responsibility : giving up blame and taking control in your life;
Commitment : being able to give and to keep your word;
Support  : allowing others to support you - giving support to others.

Course 5: Leadership in action (minimum of 4 sessions)

Participants are encouraged to identify a project/s that will make a significant difference in their lives or in the lives of others. They are then assisted in the design of a clear action plan in order to be able to implement their personal project. They are also given specific coaching and support as their progress is monitored on a weekly basis.  We focus on: a project to develop yourself; a project to strengthen your family; a community-building project.

Course 6: Mentoring in action (minimum of 4 sessions)

This course is included in circumstances in which adult participants are preparing themselves to mentor younger men within their community. Key aspects of mentoring covered are: The concept and purpose of mentoring; specific roles and responsibilities of a mentor; the mentoring contract: do’s and don'ts; the mentor graduation ceremony.

Note: ‘The Manhood Experience’ can be adapted depending on the interest of the group of participants. For example we have facilitated this training for fathers who intend to mentor young fathers, as ‘The Fatherhood Experience’ with individual courses refocused as: In the heart of a father; Reclaiming fatherhood; Fathers taking a lead; Fatherhood in action; Mentoring young fathers.

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This course includes:

Wilderness practitioner’s introductory course
Wilderness practitioner’s advanced facilitation course
Wilderness practitioner’s learning, mentoring & support circle


The first course in the ‘Wild at Heart Adventure’ focuses on the wilderness outdoor component of the Hearts of Men syllabus. It provides an experiential opportunity for those interested in facilitating wilderness based work with men & young men within a community context.

The course runs over 10 days (6 days urban plus 4 days rural). It can be delivered part-time spread over 6 to 8 wks, or in special circumstances as an intensive over 2 weeks.


Part 1: The cycles of life

A 3 day introduction to the philosophy & purpose of using the natural environment as a space for healing, reflection and transformation. ‘The cycles of life’ is introduced as a key facilitation tool for the course.

Part 2: ‘Wild at Heart’

A 4 day residential process. This allows participants to gain firsthand experience in the methodology and design of the wilderness component.

Part 3: Debrief & reflection

A 2 day process debriefing the wilderness experience, unpacking the different parts of the programme, examining the facilitation process, and understanding how the whole design is put together.

Part 4: Practical application
A 1 day process whereby participants can look at the practical application of this work within their own community, sector or organization.


A 7 day course (5 days residential + 2 days urban) aimed at experienced facilitators who would like to focus on the healing, reflective and ceremonial aspects of wilderness work. Participants will have opportunities to practice and explore several facilitation styles & methods on site.

We will look at aspects of and challenges in teamwork, co-facilitation, leadership and building safety in a dynamic working environment. This component is made available to those who have participated in the ‘Wild at Heart’ introductory 10 day course, or who have previously participated in a Hearts of Men programme. Facilitators with experience of other wilderness programmes & methodologies can also be considered.


This facilitated circle is designed to be a space for wilderness/outdoor facilitators to debrief, to discuss challenges, to share their experience and expertise with one another, and to provide support.

Note: The ‘Wild at Heart’ 4 day residential course can be made available to organizations, departments, staff teams & community leadership groups as a team building experience. Participants will get to know each other in a way that was possibly not available to them before.

The process is especially beneficial for closing the gap between diverse groups, and for building understanding and common experience.

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Hearts of Men have a range of short courses available. These can range from one-day introductory courses to 3 day intensives. Some of these short courses can also be run in the evenings over several weeks on a session-by-session basis.

Examples of some of our short courses are:


Group-work facilitation skills - Basic, Intermediate & Advanced levels
Working with men
Working with young men
Creating men’s programmes & support circles
Setting up mentoring programmes for youth
Integrating men’s and women’s work
Programme design training
Parenting with heart
Parental rights & responsibilities
Building healthy relationships in the family

Note: Specific short courses can also be designed on request to meet a particular need.


Learning, mentoring & support circle for youth workers:

For facilitators, community workers, educators, programme managers & coordinators working with men, families and youth at risk. This group meets once a month.

One to one coaching & mentoring

A support process available to managers, team leaders, educators or directors involved in men’s work, youth work services and community development.


Programme design & management, Staff development & training, Programme content & resource development