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‘The Wild at Heart Adventure’
 Updated  by  Des Van Niekerk, editing and additions by Nic Fine



The ‘Wild at Heart Adventure’ is an intensive course facilitated in an outdoor setting. It comes at a pivotal point, more or less midway through the overall ‘The Manhood Experience’ training (it is the third of six courses). This guide manual covers the detailed content of the course. It is only distributed to experienced facilitators, or those who have been through the required training and mentorship.

Whereas all the other ‘The Manhood Experience’ courses usually take place within an urban indoor setting, near to where the participants reside, this residential course occurs in a rural or wilderness setting, away from the participant’s normal environment.

It is specifically designed to be a challenging process, giving participants an opportunity to deal with issues from the past, to go beyond what they thought possible, to vision a different future, and to connect with and learn from the natural environment.

(The ‘Manhood Experience’ is a manual produced in two sections for ease of use)

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‘The wild at heart adventure’ - Buy your copy!
 Updated  by  Des Van Niekerk, edited and additions by Nic Fine


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