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South African families today are generally challenged on all levels, be it structurally, financially, emotionally or physically. Some of these challenges are rooted in our history. As a nation, we are often described globally as one of the most violent societies. However, we cannot proceed into the future by blaming or living in the past, by not taking responsibility for our present and ultimately, our future.

The family should be considered the cornerstone of our communities, which form the very basis of our society. Many families are broken for numerous reasons. It is within this context that every one of us should contribute toward the healing of these families, which consist of individuals who are yearning to be healed, uplifted, empowered, mentored and supported by means of interventions, such as those offered by Hearts of Men. This work contributes to nation building, by strengthening individuals and families first.

The book you are about to read has been compiled from the two authors’ vast knowledge, experience, expertise, passion and commitment to healing lives, building relationships, promoting positive change, encouraging personal transition and transferring skills in the arena of men’s work.

Nic Fine and Des van Niekerk, have together managed very eloquently to document the work of Hearts of Men from 2001 to 2014, and informed by their many years of experience working in youth and community development.
by Fairoza Brey - HOM Chair
‘In the hearts of men’
 by Nic Fine and Des Van Niekerk

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