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‘The Manhood Experience’
 Updated  by  Des Van Niekerk, editing and additions by Nic Fine



 ( A forthcoming publication - 2019 )

The title to this report, ‘Generation to Generation’, has two distinct aspects to it. Firstly, it refers to bringing the generations closer together, and secondly to breaking destructive patterns that might exist, having been passed down from one generation to another. These seemingly contradictory activities have both been integral to Hearts of Men’s work.

Bridging the generation gap

Hearts of Men has aimed to bridge the gap between generations by encouraging and supporting older men to provide mentoring to younger men. Through connecting and reconnecting the generations, Hearts of Men has aimed to use the skills, experience and wisdom of the elders to add value to the lives of young people.

Breaking destructive generational cycles

In this work with men and young men, Hearts of Men has attempted to break the destructive cycles or patterns that are often passed down from one generation to the next. These could relate to feelings of guilt, shame, lack of education, low self-esteem, addiction, violence, crime, etc.

Hearts of Men intends, through this book, to underpin its three other resources (our first book plus two manuals), with a publication that reviews similar or contrasting community-based mentoring work being undertaken with men and young men nationally and internationally, so as to highlight different methodologies and approaches. Our aim here is to place the work of Hearts of Men within a much broader context.