The Context - setting the scene

Introduction to ‘The Manhood Experience’ Training

Course One: In the Heart of a Man


Session 1 : Perceptions

Session 2: Interpretations

Session 3: Assumptions

Session 4: Manhood

Course Two: Reclaiming Manhood

Session 1: Fixing it with your father

Session 2: Being a real father

Session 3: Treating women on equal terms

Session 4: Exploring the sacredness of sex

Session 5: Making real male friends

Session 6: Finding you niche – A job with heart

Session 7: Dealing with money

Session 8: Facing up to your addictions

Session 9: Taking care of your health

Session 10: Developing your spiritual life

Session 11: Discovering your heart – wild spirit of man

Course Three: The Wild at Heart Adventure


Preparation, logistics and safety

Building a team

Roles and responsibilities

Risk management and evacuation

Course description



Important notice

Course Four: Taking a Lead in Life


Session 1 : Communication

Session 2: Communication continued

Session 3: Responsibility

Session 4: Commitment

Session 5: Support

Course Five: Leadership in Action


Session 1 : Introducing projects

Session 2: Project design

Session 3: Project implementation

Session 4: Project support

Course Six: Mentoring in Action


Session 1 : What is mentoring?

Session 2: The mentoring process

Session 3: The mentoring process continued

Session 4: Managing the mentoring process


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