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Hearts of Men


Standard Bank

Branch Code

02 51 08

Account Number

07 254 821 5




Richard Kloosman


083 9999 314





PO Box

Number 771, Strand 7140

Manuals can be produced in either wire bound or glue bound formats:

  •  wire bound - more useful for workshop photo copying purposes

  •  glue bound - just for reading purposes

Single manual (wire bound Parts One and Two)

R 400 set

Single manual (glue bound Parts One and Two)

R 420 set

5 or more

R 380 (wire bound)

R 400 (glue bound)

10 or more

Student price

R 360 (wire bound)

R 380 (glue bound)

R 360 (wire bound)

R 380 (glue bound)

Buy your copy of ‘The Manhood Experience’

(The ‘Manhood Experience’ is a manual produced in two sections for ease of use)

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