‘The Wild at Heart Adventure’ forms part of ‘The Manhood Experience’, which consists of six experiential training courses. It is the third course in this series and follows ‘In the Heart of a Man’ (Course One), and ‘Reclaiming Manhood’ (Course Two). ‘The Wild at Heart Adventure’ (Course Three), is followed by ‘Taking a Lead in Life’ (Course Four), ‘Leadership in Action’ (Course Five), and ‘Mentorship in Action’ (Course Six).


In this manual we include only the course content. Please refer to all the introductory comments, preparation notes, debriefing and follow-through processes, team building, logistical details, safety procedures, and on the usage of this material, given in the accompanying Hearts of Men ‘The Manhood Experience’ training manual. This information forms a vital part in the delivery of this course, and is not repeated here.      We could put this in a box?

Due to safety considerations and the higher level of facilitation and teamwork required to deliver this course effectively, Hearts of Men does not think it wise to distribute this specific course content without knowing that the required levels of training and supervision are in place. Hence it is being produced separately, although it forms an integral part of ‘The Manhood Experience’ training.

In situations in which this course might be run as a stand-alone experience, it is essential that the necessary preparation, debriefing and follow-through support processes, are all followed.

Hearts of Men only shares this material with experienced facilitators already well equipped to run this process, or with participants being trained to do so. Newcomers to this material always work within an environment where they are accompanied by experienced facilitators and receive ongoing training & mentorship.

We request that this course material is not passed on or distributed to other parties without the necessary experience, training & supervision in place. However much we try to protect the integrity of this work, Hearts of Men cannot be held responsible for any situations in which freelance individuals or independent organizations use this material without the necessary experience, support and training.
‘The wild at heart adventure’ - Introduction
 Written by Nic Fine and Des Van Niekerk

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